What was wrong with the suggestion to use VMWare ESXi and Nexenta or
OpenIndiana to do this?

Edmund White

On 11/13/12 8:20 PM, "Dan Swartzendruber" <dswa...@druber.com> wrote:

>Well, I think I give up for now.  I spent quite a few hours over the last
>couple of days trying to get gnome desktop working on bare-metal OI,
>followed by virtualbox.  Supposedly that works in headless mode with RDP
>management, but nothing but fail for me.  Found quite a few posts on
>forums of people complaining that RDP with external auth doesn't work (or
>not reliably), and that was my experience.  The final straw was when I
>rebooted the OI server as part of cleaning things up, and... It hung.
>line in verbose boot log is 'ucode0 is /pseudo/ucode@0'.  I power-cycled
>to no avail.  Even tried a backup BE from hours earlier, to no avail.
>Likely whatever was bunged happened prior to that.  If I could get
>that ran like xen or kvm reliably for a headless setup, I'd be willing to
>give it a try, but for now, no...
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