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ZFS for storage?

 >  The final straw was when I
 > rebooted the OI server as part of cleaning things up, and... It hung. 
 > line in verbose boot log is 'ucode0 is /pseudo/ucode@0'.  I power-cycled
it  > to no avail.  Even tried a backup BE from hours earlier, to no avail.
 > Likely whatever was bunged happened prior to that.  If I could get
something  > that ran like xen or kvm reliably for a headless setup, I'd be
willing to  > give it a try, but for now, no...

Try to boot with "-k" option to use a kmdb debugger as well - maybe the
system would enter it upon getting stuck (does so instead of rebooting when
it is panicking) and you can find some more details there?..

*** I just re-read my notes, and in fact I *was* booting with '-k -v', so no
help there, I'm afraid :(

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