On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 03:08:04PM -0500, Peter Tripp wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm in the market for a couple of JBODs.  Up until now I've been
> relatively lucky with finding hardware that plays very nicely with
> ZFS.  All my gear currently in production uses LSI SAS controllers
> (3801e, 9200-16e, 9211-8i) with backplanes powered by LSI SAS
> expanders (Sun x4250, Sun J4400, etc).  But I'm in the market for
> SAS2 JBODs to support a large number 3.5inch SAS disks (60+ 3TB disks
> to start).
> I'm aware of potential issues with SATA drives/interposers and the
> whole SATA Tunneling Protocol (STP) nonsense, so I'm going to stick
> to a pure SAS setup.  Also, since I've had trouble with in the past
> with daisy-chained SAS JBODs I'll probably stick with one SAS 4x
> cable (SFF8088) per JBOD and unless there were a compelling reason
> for multi-pathing I'd probably stick to a single controller.  If
> possible I'd rather buy 20 packs of enterprise SAS disks with 5yr
> warranties and have the JBOD come with empty trays, but would also
> consider buying disks with the JBOD if the price wasn't too crazy.
> Does anyone have any positive/negative experiences with any of the following 
> with ZFS: 
>  * SuperMicro SC826E16-R500LPB (2U 12 drives, dual 500w PS, single LSI 
> SAS2X28 expander)
>  * SuperMicro SC846BE16-R920B (4U 24 drives, dual 920w PS, single unknown 
> expander)
>  * Dell PowerVault MD 1200 (2U 12 drives, dual 600w PS, dual unknown 
> expanders)
>  * HP StorageWorks D2600 (2U 12 drives, dual 460w PS, single/dual unknown 
> expanders)
> I'm leaning towards the SuperMicro stuff, but every time I order
> SuperMicro gear there's always something missing or wrongly
> configured so some of the cost savings gets eaten up with my time
> figuring out where things went wrong and returning/ordering
> replacements.  The Dell/HP gear I'm sure is fine, but buying disks
> from them gets pricey quick. The last time I looked they charged $150
> extra per disk for when the only added value was a proprietary sled a
> shorter warranty (3yr vs 5yr).
> I'm open to other JBOD vendors too, was just really just curious what
> folks were using when they needed more than two dozen 3.5" SAS disks
> for use with ZFS.
> Thanks
> -Peter

We've had good experiences with the Dell MD line.  It's been MD1200 up
until now, but are keeping our eyes on their MD3260 (60-bay).

You're right in that their costs are higher for disks and such, but
since we are a big Dell shop it simplifies support significantly for us
and we have quick turnaround on parts anywhere in the world.

If that weren't a significant issue I'd go SuperMicro or DataON.  We
used SuperMicro for quite a while with mixed experiences.  Best bet was
to find a chassis that work and stick with it as long as possible. :)

Even if you're not using Nexenta, their HCL is valuable for finding HW
that is likely to work for you.

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