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> Instead of using vdi, I use comstar targets and then use vbox built-in scsi
> initiator.

Based on my recent experiences, I am hesitant to use the iscsi ... I don't know 
if it was the iscsi initiator or target that was unstable, or the combination 
of both running on the same system, or some other characteristic...  Plus when 
I think about the complexity of creating the zvol and configuring the target, 
with iscsi and IP overhead... As compared to just creating the zvol and using 
it directly...

Maybe there is unavoidable complexity around the chown, but it seems like the 
chown should be easier and simpler than the iscsi solution...

But in any event, thanks for the suggestion.  It's nice to know there's at 
*least* one alternative option.   ;-)

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