On 11/22/12 16:24, Jim Klimov wrote:
A customer is looking to replace or augment their Sun Thumper
with a ZFS appliance like 7320. However, the Thumper was used
not only as a protocol storage server (home dirs, files, backups
over NFS/CIFS/Rsync), but also as a general-purpose server with
unpredictably-big-data programs running directly on it (such as
corporate databases, Alfresco for intellectual document storage,
etc.) in order to avoid the networking transfer of such data
between pure-storage and compute nodes - this networking was
seen as both a bottleneck and a possible point of failure.

Is it possible to use the ZFS Storage appliances in a similar
way, and fire up a Solaris zone (or a few) directly on the box
for general-purpose software; or to shell-script administrative
tasks such as the backup archive management in the global zone
(if that concept still applies) as is done on their current
Solaris-based box?

No it is a true appliance, it might look like it has Solaris underneath but it is just based on Solaris.

You can script administrative tasks but not using bash/ksh style scripting you use the ZFSSA's own scripting language.

Is it possible to run VirtualBoxes in the ZFS-SA OS, dare I ask? ;)


Darren J Moffat
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