On 2012-11-22 17:31, Darren J Moffat wrote:
Is it possible to use the ZFS Storage appliances in a similar
way, and fire up a Solaris zone (or a few) directly on the box
for general-purpose software; or to shell-script administrative
tasks such as the backup archive management in the global zone
(if that concept still applies) as is done on their current
Solaris-based box?

No it is a true appliance, it might look like it has Solaris underneath
but it is just based on Solaris.

You can script administrative tasks but not using bash/ksh style
scripting you use the ZFSSA's own scripting language.

So, the only supported (or even possible) way is indeed to us it
as NAS for file or block IO from another head running the database
or application servers?..

In the Datasheet I read that "Cloning" and "Remote replication" are
separately licensed features; does this mean that the capability
for "zfs send|zfs recv" backups from remote Solaris systems should
be purchased separately? :(

I wonder if it would make weird sense to get the boxes, forfeit the
cool-looking Fishworks, and install Solaris/OI/Nexenta/whatever to
get the most flexibility and bang for a buck from the owned hardware...
Or, rather, shop for the equivalent non-appliance servers...

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