Heh, I wouldn't be using G5's for ZFS purposes now. G6 and better
ProLiants are a better deal for RAM capacity and CPU core countŠ

Either way, I also use HP systems as the basis for my ZFS/Nexenta storage
systems. Typically DL380's, since I have expansion room for either 16
drive bays, or for using them as a head unit to a D2700 or D2600 JBOD.

The right replacement for the old DL320s storage server is the DL180 G6.
This model was available in a number of configurations, but the best
solutions for storage were the 2U 12-bay 3.5" model and the 2U 25-bay 2.5"
model. Both models have a SAS expander on the backplane, but with a nice
controller (LSI 9211-4i), make good ZFS storage servers.

Edmund White

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>On 11/23/2012 5:50 AM, Edward Ned Harvey
>(opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris) wrote:
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>>> I wonder if it would make weird sense to get the boxes, forfeit the
>>> cool-looking Fishworks, and install Solaris/OI/Nexenta/whatever to
>>> get the most flexibility and bang for a buck from the owned hardware...
>> This is what we decided to do at work, and this is the reason why.
>> But we didn't buy the appliance-branded boxes; we just bought normal
>>servers running solaris.
>I gave up and am now buying HP-branded hardware for running Solaris on
>it. Particularly if you get off-lease used hardware (for which, HP is
>still very happy to let you buy a HW support contract), it's cheap, and
>HP has a lot of Solaris drivers for their branded stuff. Their whole
>SmartArray line of adapters has much better Solaris driver coverage than
>the generic stuff or the equivalent IBM or Dell items.
>For instance, I just got a couple of DL380 G5 systems with dual
>Harpertown CPUs, fully loaded with 8 2.5" SAS drives and 32GB of RAM,
>for about $800 total.  You can attach their MSA30/50/70-series (or
>DS2700-series, if you want new) as dumb JBODs via SAS, and the nice
>SmartArray controllers have 1GB of NVRAM, which is sufficient for many
>purposes, so you don't even have cough up the dough for a nice ZIL SSD.
>HP even made a sweet little "appliance" thing that was designed for
>Windows, but happens to run Solaris really, really well.  The DL320s
>(the "s" is part of the model designation).   14x 3.5" SAS/SATA hot swap
>bays, a Xeon 3070 dual-core CPU, SmartArray controller, 2 x GB Nic, LOM,
>and a free 1x PCI-E expansion slot. The only drawback is that it only
>takes up to 8GB of RAM.   It makes a *fabulous* little backup system for
>logs and stuff, and it's under about $2000 even after you splurge for
>1TB drives and an SSD for the thing.
>I am in the market for something newer than that, though. Anyone know
>what HP's using as a replacement for the DL320s?
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