Dear internets,

I've got an old SunFire X2100M2 with 6-8 GBytes ECC RAM, which
I wanted to put into use with Linux, using the Linux
VServer patch (an analogon to zones), and 2x 2 TByte 
nearline (WD RE4) drives. It occured to me that the
1U case had enough space to add some SSDs (e.g.
2-4 80 GByte Intel SSDs), and the power supply
should be able to take both the 2x SATA HDs as well 
as 2-4 SATA SSDs, though I would need to splice into
existing power cables.

I also have a few LSI and an IBM M1015 (potentially 
reflashable to IT mode) adapters, so having enough ports
is less an issue (I'll probably use an LSI
with 4x SAS/SATA for 4x SSD, and keep the onboard SATA
for HDs, or use each 2x for SSD and HD).

Now there are multiple configurations for this. 
Some using Linux (roof fs on a RAID10, /home on
RAID 1) or zfs. Now zfs on Linux probably wouldn't
do hybrid zfs pools (would it?) and it wouldn't
be probably stable enough for production. Right?

Assuming I wont't have to compromise CPU performance 
(it's an anemic Opteron 1210 1.8 GHz, dual core, after all, and
it will probably run several 10 of zones in production) and
sacrifice data integrity, can I make e.g. LSI SAS3442E
directly do SSD caching (it says something about CacheCade,
but I'm not sure it's an OS-side driver thing), as it
is supposed to boost IOPS? Unlikely shot, but probably
somebody here would know.

If not, should I go directly OpenIndiana, and use
a hybrid pool?

Should I use all 4x SATA SSDs and 2x SATA HDs to
do a hybrid pool, or would this be an overkill?
The SSDs are Intel SSDSA2M080G2GC 80 GByte, so no speed demons
either. However, they've seen some wear and tear and
none of them has keeled over yet. So I think they'll
be good for a few more years.

How would you lay out the pool with OpenIndiana
in either case to maximize IOPS and minimize CPU
load (assuming it's an issue)? I wouldn't mind
to trade 1/3rd to 1/2 of CPU due to zfs load, if
I can get decent IOPS.

This is terribly specific, I know, but I figured
somebody had tried something like that with an X2100 M2,
it being a rather popular Sun (RIP) Solaris box at
the time. Or not.

Thanks muchly, in any case.

-- Eugen
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