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> this is
> the part I am not certain about - it is roughly as cheap to READ the
> gzip-9 datasets as it is to read lzjb (in terms of CPU decompression).

Nope.  I know LZJB is not LZO, but I'm starting from a point of saying that LZO 
is specifically designed to be super-fast, low-memory for decompression.  (As 
claimed all over the LZO webpage, as well as wikipedia, and supported by my own 
personal experience using lzop).

So for comparison to LZJB, see here:

LZJB is, at least according to these guys, even faster than LZO.  So I'm 
confident concluding that lzjb (default) decompression is significantly faster 
than zlib (gzip) decompression.

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