Edward Ned Harvey (opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris) wrote:
There are very few situations where (gzip) option is better than the
default lzjb.

Well, for the most part my question regarded the slowness (or lack of)
gzip DEcompression as compared to lz* algorithms. If there are files
and data like the OS (LZ/GZ) image and program binaries, which are
written once but read many times, I don't really care how expensive
it is to write less data (and for an OI installation the difference
between lzjb and gzip-9 compression of /usr can be around or over
100Mb's) - as long as I keep less data on-disk and have less IOs to
read in the OS during boot and work. Especially so, if - and this is
the part I am not certain about - it is roughly as cheap to READ the
gzip-9 datasets as it is to read lzjb (in terms of CPU decompression).

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