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> Hallo,
> Howto rename zpool offline (with zdb)?

You don't.

You simply export the pool, and import it (zpool import). Something like

# zpool import old_pool_name_or_ID new_pool_name

> I use OpenSolaris in a VM.
> Pool rpool is to small.
> So i create rpool2 and copy FS from rpool:
> domu # zfs send -R $srcpool@$srcsnap | zfs receive -vFd $dstpool

There's more required then simply copying the data. See

If your VM is full virtualization (e.g. hvm), then the instructions
should be the same. If it's xen PV, then the hardest part might be
finding the correct kernel boot parameter.

> Pool rpool2 should be rename to rpool.

Not really.

Last time I tried with some version of opensolaris, you can use
whatever pool name you want IF you create it manually (e.g. use a
variant of the above instructions). Check grub command line, it should
include the pool name to boot.

However note that using a pool name other than rpool is AFAIK
unsupported, so you might be best just follow the instructions above.
In your case it should basically be boot with rescue CD and WITHOUT
the old pool disks, then importing the new pool using a new name
(rpool), then follow the relevant part or the docs.

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