On 2012-12-03 01:15, Phillip Wagstrom wrote:
You can't change the name of a zpool without importing it.

For what you're attempting to do, why not attach a larger vdisk and mirror the 
existing disk in rpool?  Then drop the smaller vdisk and you'll have a larger 

In general, I'd do the renaming with a "different bootable media",
including a LiveCD/LiveUSB, another distro that can import and
rename this pool version, etc. - as long as booting does not
involve use of the old rpool.

Phillip however has a good point about mirroring onto a larger
disk. This should also carry over your old pool's attributes
(bootfs, name, etc.) - however you should likely have to use
installgrub on the new disk image. When you detach the old
mirror half, you'd automatically have a larger pool on the
remaining disk image.

dom0 # xm list $vm -l | egrep "vbd|:disk|zvol"
            (dev xvda:disk)
            (uname phy:/dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/zvol/domu-2-root)
            (dev xvdb:disk)
            (uname phy:/dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/zvol/domu-21-root)

By far, the easiest approach in your case would be to just
increase the host's zfs volume which backs your old rpool
and use autoexpansion (or manual expansion) to let your VM's
rpool capture the whole increased virtual disk.

If automagic doesn't work, I posted about a month ago about
the manual procedure on this list:


//Jim Klimov
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