phillip.wagstrom wrote:

> You can't change the name of a zpool without importing it.
bad news...

i hoped edit poolname with zdb or hexedit.

> For what you're attempting to do, why not attach a larger vdisk and mirror 
> the existing disk in rpool?  Then drop the smaller
> vdisk and you'll have a larger rpool.
> Alternatively, take a look at "beadm" as it should have a means of creating a 
> new BE on your rpool2, though I suspect you will
> have to install grub on it to make it bootable once you remove the old rpool.

I've already tested:
beadm create -p $dstpool $bename
beadm list
zpool set bootfs=$dstpool/ROOT/$bename $dstpool
beadm activate $bename
beadm list
init 6

- result:
root@opensolaris:~# init 6
updating //platform/i86pc/boot_archive
updating //platform/i86pc/amd64/boot_archive

Hostname: opensolaris
WARNING: pool 'rpool1' could not be loaded as it was last accessed by another 
system (host: opensolaris hostid: 0xc08358). See:

  - seen to be a bug...

regards Heiko

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