>On 12/14/12 10:07 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris)
>> Is that right?  You can't use zfs send | zfs receive to send from a newer 
>> version and receive on an older version?

That is my experience.  If you do a zfs upgrade on the sending machine, the 
receiving machine requires a version >= the sending machine.

>No.  You can, with recv, override any property in the sending stream that can 
>set from the command line (ie, a writable).  Version is not one of those
>properties.  It only gets changed, in an upward direction, when you do a zfs


>#  zfs get version repo/support
>repo/support  version   5        -

># zfs send repo/support@cpu-0412 | zfs recv -o version=4 repo/test
>cannot receive: cannot override received version

>You can send a version 6 file system into a version 28 pool, but it will still
>be a version 6 file system.


I am not disagreeing with this, but isn't this the opposite test from what Ned 
asked?   You can send from an old version (6) to a new version (28), but I 
don't believe you can send the other way from the new version (28) to receive 
on the old version (6).

Or am I reading this wrong?


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