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> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Peter Blajev <pbla...@taaz.com> wrote:
>> Right on Tim. Thanks. I didn't know that. I'm sure it's documented
>> somewhere and I should have read it so double thanks for explaining it.
> When in doubt, always check the man page first:
>     man zpool
> It's listed in the section on the "iostat" sub-command:
>      zpool iostat [-T d|u] [-v] [pool] ... [interval [count]]
>          Displays I/O statistics for the given pools. When given an
> interval,
>          the statistics are printed every interval seconds until Ctrl-C is
>          pressed. If no pools are specified, statistics for every pool in
> the
>          system is shown. If count is specified, the command exits after
> count
>          reports are printed.

To my eye, that doesn't actually explain what the output is, only how to
get it to repeat.  It seems to assume that one is familiar with iostat, and
expects this to work the same way.  So, can't really fault someone for
being confused by the output in this case (perhaps the manpage could use
some clarification).

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