I am always experiencing chksum errors while scrubbing my zpool(s), but I never experienced chksum errors while resilvering. Does anybody know why that would be? This happens on all of my servers, Sun Fire 4170M2, Dell PE 650 and on any FC storage that I have.

Currently I had a major issue where two of my zpools have been suspended due to every single drive had been marked as UNAVAIL due to experienced I/O failures.

Now, this zpool is made of 3-way mirrors and currently 13 out of 15 vdevs are resilvering (which they had gone through yesterday as well) and I never got any error while resilvering. I have been all over the setup to find any glitch or bad part, but I couldn't come up with anything significant.

Doesn't this sound improbable, wouldn't one expect to encounter other chksum errors while resilvering is running?
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