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Now, this zpool is made of 3-way mirrors and currently 13 out of 15 vdevs are resilvering (which they had gone through yesterday as well) and I never got any error while resilvering. I have been all over the setup to find any glitch or bad part, but I couldn't come up with anything significant.

Doesn't this sound improbable, wouldn't one expect to encounter other chksum errors while resilvering is running?

I can't attest to chksum errors since I have yet to see one on my machines (have seen several complete disk failures, or disks faulted by the system though). Checksum errors are bad and not seeing them should be the normal case.

Resilver may in fact be just verifying that the pool disks are coherent via metadata. This might happen if the fiber channel is flapping.

Regarding the dire fiber channel issue, are you using fiber channel switches or direct connections to the storage array(s)? If you are using switches, are they stable or are they doing something terrible like resetting? Do you have duplex connectivity? Have you verified that your FC HBA's firmware is correct?

Did you check for messages in /var/adm/messages which might indicate when and how FC connectivity has been lost?

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