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Yes, maybe there were more "cool new things" per year popping up
with Sun's concentrated engineering talent and financing, but now
it seems that most players - wherever they work now - took a pause
from the marathon, to refine what was done in the decade before.
And this is just as important as churning out innovations faster
than people can comprehend or audit or use them.

I am on most of the mailing lists where zfs is discussed and it is clear that significant issues/bugs are continually being discovered and fixed. Fixes come from both the Illumos community and from outside it (e.g. from FreeBSD).

Zfs is already quite feature rich. Many of us would lobby for bug fixes and performance improvements over "features".

Sašo Kiselkov's LZ4 compression additions may qualify as "features" yet they also offer rather profound performance improvements.

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