On 2013-01-20 17:16, Edward Harvey wrote:
But, by talking about it, we're just smoking pipe dreams.  Cuz we all know zfs 
is developmentally challenged now.  But one can dream...

I beg to disagree. While most of my contribution was so far about
learning stuff and sharing with others, as well as planting some
new ideas and (hopefully, seen as constructively) doubting others -
including the implementation we have now - and I do have yet to
see someone pick up my ideas and turn them into code (or prove
why they are rubbish) -- overall I can't say that development
stagnated by some metric of stagnation or activity.

Yes, maybe there were more "cool new things" per year popping up
with Sun's concentrated engineering talent and financing, but now
it seems that most players - wherever they work now - took a pause
from the marathon, to refine what was done in the decade before.
And this is just as important as churning out innovations faster
than people can comprehend or audit or use them.

As a loud example of present active development - take the LZ4
quests completed by Saso recently. From what I gather, this is a
single man's job done "on-line" in the view of fellow list members
over a few months, almost like a reality-show; and I guess anyone
with enough concentration, time and devotion could do likewise.

I suspect many of my proposals to the list might also take some
half of a man-year to complete. Unfortunately for the community
and for part of myself, I now have some higher daily priorities
so that I likely won't sit down and code lots of stuff in the
nearest years (until that Priority goes to school, or so). Maybe
that's why I'm eager to suggest quests for brilliant coders here
who can complete the job better and faster than I ever would ;)
So I'm doing the next best things I can do to help the progress :)

And I don't believe this is in vain, that the development ceased
and my writings are only destined to be "stuffed under the carpet".
Be it these RFEs or dome others, better and more useful, I believe
they shall be coded and published in common ZFS code. Sometime...


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