> From: Gary Mills [mailto:gary_mi...@fastmail.fm]
> > In solaris, I've never seen it swap out idle processes; I've only
> > seen it use swap for the bad bad bad situation.  I assume that's all
> > it can do with swap.
> You would be wrong.  Solaris uses swap space for paging.  Paging out
> unused portions of an executing process from real memory to the swap
> device is certainly beneficial.  Swapping out complete processes is a
> desperation move, but paging out most of an idle process is a good
> thing.

You seem to be emphasizing the distinction between swapping and paging.  My 
point though, is that I've never seen the swap usage (which is being used for 
paging) on any solaris derivative to be used nonzero, for the sake of keeping 
something in cache.  It seems to me, that solaris will always evict all cache 
memory before it swaps (pages) out even the most idle process memory.

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