>IIRC dump is special.
>As for swap... really, you don't want to swap.  If you're swapping you
>have problems.  Any swap space you have is to help you detect those
>problems and correct them before apps start getting ENOMEM.  There
>*are* exceptions to this, such as Varnish.  For Varnish and any other
>apps like it I'd dedicate an entire flash drive to it, no ZFS, no

Yes and no: the system reserves a lot of additional memory (Solaris 
doesn't over-commits swap) and swap is needed to support those 
reservations.  Also, some pages are dirtied early on and never touched 
again; those pages should not be kept in memory.

But continuously swapping is clearly a sign of a system too small for its 

Of course, compressing and/or encrypting swap has interesting issues: in 
order to free memory by swapping pages out requires even more memory.


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