Hi all,

I'm not sure if the problem is with FreeBSD or ZFS or both so I cross-post
(I known it's bad). 

Well I've server running FreeBSD 9.0 with (don't count / on differents
disks) zfs pool with 36 disk.

The performance is very very good on the server.

I've one NFS client running FreeBSD 8.3 and the performance over NFS is
very good : 

For example : Read from the client and write over NFS to ZFS:

[root@ .tmp]# time tar xf /tmp/linux-3.7.5.tar 

real    1m7.244s
user    0m0.921s
sys     0m8.990s

this client is on 1Gbits/s network cable and same network switch as the

I've a second NFS client running FreeBSD 9.1-Stable, and on this second
client the performance is catastrophic. After 1 hour the tar isn't finish.
OK this second client is connect with 100Mbit/s and not on the same switch.
But well from 2 min --> ~ 90 min ...:-(

I've try for this second client to change on the ZFS-NFS server the

        zfs set sync=disabled 

and that change nothing.

On a third NFS client linux (recent Ubuntu) I got the almost same catastrophic 
performance. With or without sync=disabled. 

Those three NFS client use TCP. 

If I do a classic scp I got normal speed ~9-10 Mbytes/s so the network is
not the problem.

I try to something like (find with google): 

        net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_max: 2097152 -> 16777216
        net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_max: 2097152 -> 16777216
        net.inet.tcp.sendspace: 32768 -> 262144
        net.inet.tcp.recvspace: 65536 -> 262144
        net.inet.tcp.mssdflt: 536 -> 1452
        net.inet.udp.recvspace: 42080 -> 65535
        net.inet.udp.maxdgram: 9216 -> 65535
        net.local.stream.recvspace: 8192 -> 65535
        net.local.stream.sendspace: 8192 -> 65535

and that change nothing either. 

Anyone have any idea ? 



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