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, Karl Wagner writes:
>The SSD was the first boot drive, and every time it tried to boot it
>panicked and rebooted, ending up in a loop. I tried to change to the second
>rpool drive, but either I forgot to install grub on it or it has become
>corrupted (probably the first, I can be that stupid at times).
>Can anyone give me any advice on how to get this system back? Can I trick
>grub, installed on the SSD, to boot from the HDD's rpool mirror? Is
>something more sinister going on?

Remove the broken drive, boot installation media, import the
mirror drive.
If it imports, you will be able to installgrub(1M).

>By the way, whatever the error message is when booting, it disapears so
>quickly I can't read it, so I am only guessing that this is the reason.

Boot with kernel debugger so you can see the panic.

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