On 2013-02-16 21:49, John D Groenveld wrote:
By the way, whatever the error message is when booting, it disapears so
quickly I can't read it, so I am only guessing that this is the reason.

Boot with kernel debugger so you can see the panic.
And that would be so:
1) In the boot loader (GRUB) edit the boot options (press "e",
   select "kernel" line, press "e" again), and add "-kd" to the
   kernel bootup. Maybe also "-v" to add verbosity.

2) Press enter to save the change and "b" to boot

3) The kmdb prompt should pop up; enter ":c" to continue execution
   The bootup should start, throw the kernel panic and pause.
   It is likely that there would be so much info that it doesn't
   fit on screen - I can only suggest a serial console in this case.

   However, the end of dump info should point you in the right
   direction. For example, an error in "mount_vfs_root" is popular,
   and usually means either corrupt media or simply unexpected device
   name for the root pool (i.e. disk plugged on a different port, or
   BIOS changes between SATA-IDE modes, etc.)

The device name changes should go away if you can boot from anything
that can import your rpool (livecd, installer cd, failsafe boot image)
and just "zpool import -f rpool; zpool export rpool" - this should
clear the dependency on exact device names, and next bootup should

And yes, I think it is a bug for such a fixable problem to behave so
inconveniently - the official docs go as far as to suggest an OS
reinstallation in this case.


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