I have a small problem.

I have a development fileserver box running Solaris 11 Express. The Rpool
is mirrored between an SSD and a hard drive. Today, the SSD deveoped a
fault for some reason. While trying to diagnose the problem, the system
panicked and rebooted.

The SSD was the first boot drive, and every time it tried to boot it
panicked and rebooted, ending up in a loop. I tried to change to the second
rpool drive, but either I forgot to install grub on it or it has become
corrupted (probably the first, I can be that stupid at times).

Can anyone give me any advice on how to get this system back? Can I trick
grub, installed on the SSD, to boot from the HDD's rpool mirror? Is
something more sinister going on?

By the way, whatever the error message is when booting, it disapears so
quickly I can't read it, so I am only guessing that this is the reason.


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