On 2013-02-17 15:46, Konstantin Kuklin wrote:
hi, i have raid1 on zfs with 2 device on pool
first device died and boot from second not working...

You didn't say which OS version created the pool (ultimately -
which pool version is there) and I'm not sure about support of
the zfs versions in that flash you linked to. Possibly, OI LiveCD
might do you a better job - but maybe your disks got too corrupted
in some cataclysm :(

However, generally, recent implementations should have several
useful "zpool import" flags:
* forcing an import with rollback to an older pool state (-F) -
  which may be or not be more intact (up to 32 or 128 transactions);
* import without automount (-N)
* read-only import (-o ro) which should panic in a lot less cases and
  allows to evacuate readable data by at least cp/rsync
* import without cachefile and/or relocated pool root mountpoint
  (-R /a) so as to, in particular, not damage the namespace of
  your system by this pool (not really relevant in case of livecd's)

Hopefully, you can either import without mounts and issue a "zfs destroy" of your offending dataset, or rollback (irreversible) to
a working state. However, it is also possible that the corruption
is among metadata. If you're lucky and just the latest transaction
got broken during the crash (i.e. disk firmware ignored queuing and
caching hints, and wrote something out of order), then rollback by
one or a few TXGs may point you to an older root of metadata tree
which is not yet overwritten by newer transactions (note: this is
not guaranteed by the OS, just probable) and does contain consistent
metadata in at least one copy of each of the metadata blocks.

Breakage in /var/crash remotely suggests that your system tried to
either create a dump (kernel panic) or more likely process one (via
savecore in case of Solaris), and failed during this procedure in
a mid-write.

i try to get http://mfsbsd.vx.sk/ flash and load from it with zpool import

when  i load zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko i see this message:
Solaris: WARNING: Can't open objset for zroot/var/crash
Solaris: WARNING: Can't open objset for zroot/var/crash

zpool status:

resilvering freeze with:
zpool status -v
  root@Flash:/root #

how i can delete or drop it fs zroot/var/crash (1m-10m size i didn`t
remember) and mount other zfs points with my data
С уважением
Куклин Константин.

Good luck,
//Jim Klimov

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