On 2013-02-19 12:39, Konstantin Kuklin wrote:
i did`t replace disk, after reboot system not started (zfs installed
as default root system) and i boot from another system(from flash) and
resilvering has auto start and show me warnings with freeze
progress(dead on checking zroot/var/crash )

Well, in this case try again with "zpool import" options I've described
earlier, and "zpool scrub" to try to inspect and repair the pool state
you have now. You might want to disconnect the "broken" disk for now,
since resilvering would try to overwrite it anyway (whole disk, or just
differences if it is found to have a valid label ending at an earlier
TXG number).

replacing dead disk healing var/crash with <0x0> adress?

Probably not, since your pool's only copy has an error in it. 0x0 is a
metadata block (dataset root or close to that), so an error in it is
usually fatal (is for most dataset types). Possibly, an import with
rollback can return your pool to state where another blockpointer tree
version points to a different (older) block as this dataset's 0x0 and
that would be valid. But if you've already imported the pool and it
ran for a while, chances are that your older possibly better intact
TXGs are no longer referencable (rolled out of the ring buffer forever).

Good luck,

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