On 2013-02-19 14:24, Konstantin Kuklin wrote:
zfs set canmount=off zroot/var/crash

i can`t do this, because zfs list empty

I'd argue that in your case it might be desirable to evacuate data and reinstall the OS - just to be certain that ZFS on-disk structures on
new installation have no defects.

To evacuate data, a read-only import would suffice:

# zpool import -f -N -R /a -o ro zroot

This should import the pool without mounting its datasets (-N).
Using "zfs mount zpool/ROOT/myrootfsname" and so on you can mount just
the datasets which hold your valuable data individually (under '/a' in
this example), and rsync it to some other storage.

After you've saved your data, you can try to "repair" the pool by roll

# zpool export zpool
# zpool import -F -f -N -R /a zroot

This should try to roll back 10 transaction sets or so, possibly giving
you an intact state of ZFS data structures and a usable pool. Maybe not.


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