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> Thanks all! I will check out FreeNAS and see what it can do... I will also
> check my RAID Card and see if it can work with JBOD... fingers crossed...
> The machine has a couple internal SATA ports (think there are 2, could be
> 4) so i was thinking of using those for boot disks and SSDs later...
> As a follow up question: Data Deduplication: The machine, to start, will
> have about 5Gb  RAM. I read somewhere that 20TB storage would require about
> 8GB RAM, depending on block size... Since i dont know block sizes, yet (i
> store a mix of VMs, TV Shows, Movies and backups on the NAS) I am not sure
> how much memory i will need (my estimate is 10TB RAW (8TB usable?) in a
> ZRAID1 pool, and then 3TB RAW in a striped pool). If i dont have enough
> memory now, can i enable DeDupe at a later stage when i add memory? Also,
> if i pick FreeBSD now, and want to move to, say, Nexenta, is that possible?
> Assuming the drives are just JBOD drives (to be confirmed) could they just
> get imported?
> Thanks.

Yes, you can move between FreeBSD and Illumos based distros as long as you
are at a compatible zpool version (which they currently are).  I'd avoid
deduplication unless you absolutely need it... it's still a bit of a
kludge.  Stick to compression and your world will be a much happier place.

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