On Wed, 27 Feb 2013, Ian Collins wrote:
I am finding that rsync with the right options (to directly
block-overwrite) plus zfs snapshots is providing me with pretty
amazing "deduplication" for backups without even enabling
deduplication in zfs.  Now backup storage goes a very long way.

We do the same for all of our "legacy" operating system backups. Take a snapshot then do an rsync and an excellent way of maintaining incremental backups for those.

Magic rsync options used:

  -a --inplace --no-whole-file --delete-excluded

This causes rsync to overwrite the file blocks in place rather than writing to a new temporary file first. As a result, zfs COW produces primitive "deduplication" of at least the unchanged blocks (by writing nothing) while writing new COW blocks for the changed blocks.

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