On Tue, 26 Feb 2013, Richard Elling wrote:
Consider using different policies for different data. For traditional file 
systems, you
had relatively few policy options: readonly, nosuid, quota, etc. With ZFS, 
dedup and
compression are also policy options. In your case, dedup for your media is not 
to be a good policy, but dedup for your backups could be a win (unless you're 
something that already doesn't backup duplicate data -- eg most backup 
A way to approach this is to think of your directory structure and create file 
to match the policies. For example:

I am finding that rsync with the right options (to directly block-overwrite) plus zfs snapshots is providing me with pretty amazing "deduplication" for backups without even enabling deduplication in zfs. Now backup storage goes a very long way.

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