On Tue, March 5, 2013 11:17, Russ Poyner wrote:
> Your idea to use zfs diff to limit the need to stat the entire
> filesystem tree intrigues me. My current rsync backups are normally
> limited by this very factor. It takes longer to walk the filesystem tree
> than it does to transfer the new data.
> Would you be willing to provide an example of what you mean when you say
> parse/feed the ouput of zfs diff to rsync?

Don't have anything readily available, or a ZFS system handy to hack
something up. The output of "zfs diff" is roughly:

  M       /myfiles/
  M       /myfiles/link_to_me   (+1)
  R       /myfiles/rename_me -> /myfiles/renamed
  -       /myfiles/delete_me
  +       /myfiles/new_file

Take the second column and use that as the list of file to check. Solaris'
zfs(1M) has an "-F" option which would output something like:

   M   /   /myfiles/
   M   F   /myfiles/link_to_me      (+1)
   R       /myfiles/rename_me -> /myfiles/renamed
   -   F   /myfiles/delete_me
   +   F   /myfiles/new_file
   +   |   /myfiles/new_pipe

So the second column now has a type, and the path is pushed over to the
third column. This way you can simply choose file ("F") and tell rsync to
use check those.

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