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> I understand that p0 refers to the whole disk... in the logs I pasted in
> I'm not attempting to mount p0. I'm trying to work out why I'm getting an
> error attempting to mount p2, after p1 has successfully mounted. Further,
> this has been done before on other systems in the same hardware
> configuration in the exact same fashion, and I've gone over the steps
> trying to make sure I haven't missed something but can't see a fault.
How did you create the partition? Are those marked as solaris partition, or
something else (e.g. fdisk on linux use type "83" by default).

I'm not keen on using Solaris slices because I don't have an understanding
> of what that does to the pool's OS interoperability.

Linux can read solaris slice and import solaris-made pools just fine, as
long as you're using compatible zpool version (e.g. zpool version 28).

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