On 2013-03-19 22:07, Andrew Gabriel wrote:
The GPT partitioning spec requires the disk to be FDISK
partitioned with just one single FDISK partition of type EFI,
so that tools which predate GPT partitioning will still see
such a GPT disk as fully assigned to FDISK partitions, and
therefore less likely to be accidentally blown away.

Okay, I guess I got entangled in terminology now ;)
Anyhow, your words are not all news to me, though my write-up
was likely misleading to unprepared readers... sigh... Thanks
for the clarifications and deeper details that I did not know!

So, we can concur that GPT does indeed include the fake MBR
header with one EFI partition which addresses the smaller of
2TB (MBR limit) or disk size, minus a few sectors for the GPT
housekeeping. Inside the EFI partition are defined the GPT,
um, partitions (represented as "s"lices in Solaris). This is
after all a GUID *Partition* Table, and that's how parted
refers to them too ;)

Notably, there are also unportable tricks to fool legacy OSes
and bootloaders into addressing the same byte ranges via both
MBR entries (forged manually and abusing the GPT/EFI spec) and
proper GPT entries, as partitions in the sense of each table.


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