Hello, I'm trying to encrypt the home directory on my OS X.9 Mavericks 
Hackintosh using TrueCrypt and MacZFS as detailed on the following web page 
( http://frugalcomputing.blogspot.com/2012/09/securing-your-hackintosh.html), 
but I'm having problems doing so and I was wondering if anyone would be 
able to help me.  As you may know, implementing full disk encryption via 
apps such as FileVault 2 is not possible on a Hackintosh.   I'm hoping to 
more or less mimic the functionality of the Legacy Filevault (the original 
non-full disk encrypting version.)  

The syntax for some of the commands that are listed on the page I supplied 
are apparently incorrect, for example they instruct to type "spool" when 
actually the command seems to be "zpool"!    Also, what role is the MacZFS 
even playing in the process that they show on that page?  Do the 
instructions on that page look viable for encrypting the home directory on 
a Mac? I have not been able to find any other information anywhere else 
about doing this.  

Thanks in advance.


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