Hi, any interest in given opportunity?  If yes the please reach undersign or
respond to this email.

* *

*Job Title:               GUI *

*Location:               Dallas, TX*

*Duration:               6 – 12 Months*

* *

*Note: Please show the requirement to the candidate first, before sending
the resume across, Please send all the details at one go (Saves time)***

*Job Description *

   - Anyone with multiple programming languages in their background.*Java
   and C# is a real gem* identical.
   - For a *GUI position*, I look to see if they've done *multithreaded GUIs
   *. There are a host of issues that every *multithreaded GUI
developer*must deal with in .Net.. Lack of experience here is usually
a problem if you
   want them working on a complex GUI.
   - Experience with messaging systems like *MQ and Tib/RV.*
   - Experience with *3rd party frameworks* like *nHibernate and Spring.net.
   - At least one of their past engagements should be something complex. I
   look to see if they've build some system from the ground up and that the
   system is complex, like air traffic controller software or a global billing
   system, etc.



*Net2Source, Inc.*



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