As of Zim 0.56, it ships with a "Table of Contents" plugin, that adds
a "ToC" tab, allowing to switch between the global "Index" and a
note-local "ToC" view.
Sadly though, it seems to support neither
 - switching between ToC and Index with a hotkey, nor
 - viewing Index and ToC at the same time
so I don't use it for normal pages in general, but for large pages it
should do a great job.

About the task list I can't say anything though.

-- Yu

2012/4/25 Adrian Fita <>:
> Hi. 2 quick ones:
> 1. Is there a way to add a table of contents on a page? I would find this
> very useful for large pages.
> 2. Is there a way to see the completed tasks (at least the ones that have a
> checked checkbox). I often write comments beneath them and I would find it
> useful to get back to them.
> Thanks.
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> Fita Adrian
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