Rui Pedro,

Thanks for your answers.
Actually, unless I do go to the Configure menu of the plugin and
select "Show calendar in sidepane..." I do not see anything
related with the Journal in Zim. The help states:
"The plugin also adds a calendar widget to zim. By default this is
done by adding a dialog, but optionally it can also be put in the side
pane above the page index."
but I do not see any dialog being added.
If I select "Show calendar in sidepane..." , then yes, I do get a
calendar. If I click on today, I get a page

but this looks like a journal for the day, no matter the project. This
is interesting, but how can I get the same for 2 particular projects?
I mean,
a journal for project1 and another for project2 (both under Home/Work)


On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Rui Pedro Covelo <> wrote:
> In the preferences go to the plugins tab and enable the journal
> plugin. You will get a namespace named calendar with a page per day.
> You can configure the plugin and change the name of the namespace if
> you want.
> No dia 29/01/2014, às 08:59, Agustin Lobo <> escreveu:
>> I'm starting to use zin, it's great but I'm often confused. I guess
>> I need to adapt to its idiosyncrasy.
>> In general, the doc tells about a given subject, but not about really
>> how to do it.
>> For example, it took me a while finding how to set dates for the tasks
>> An issue that I cannot find is how to make a journal. There is no mention
>> to "journal" in the menus. I was expecting that I would create a new page
>> and then find a button to make it become a journal page.
>> I've created a page named Journal:test within Work (is "Work a
>> namespace or just a page with subpages? I created Work as a subpage in
>> Home.), but I do not see anything different in the test page. My goal
>> is to have
>> a journal for each  project (or at least for the important ones) I
>> have unde Work.
>> Thanks for any help and thanks a lot for zim
>> Agus
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