That is because pages are only visible when you add content to them.
And yes, the side pan might be the best way to access those yet
inexistent pages. But also check the Insert/date and time which allows
for adding a link to the journal page of the selected date even if the
page does not exist yet.

As far as I know, you cannot have more than a journal in the same
notebook. You can have one notebook per project or you can have a page
serving as a journal for a project that links back to the journal
namespace or you can link journal entries to the project. I can't
remember any better way of doing that at this moment.

No dia 29/01/2014, às 09:51, Agustin Lobo <> escreveu:

> Rui Pedro,
> Thanks for your answers.
> Actually, unless I do go to the Configure menu of the plugin and
> select "Show calendar in sidepane..." I do not see anything
> related with the Journal in Zim. The help states:
> "The plugin also adds a calendar widget to zim. By default this is
> done by adding a dialog, but optionally it can also be put in the side
> pane above the page index."
> but I do not see any dialog being added.
> If I select "Show calendar in sidepane..." , then yes, I do get a
> calendar. If I click on today, I get a page
> Journal
>  --2014
>  ---01
>  -----29
> but this looks like a journal for the day, no matter the project. This
> is interesting, but how can I get the same for 2 particular projects?
> I mean,
> a journal for project1 and another for project2 (both under Home/Work)
> Agus
>> On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Rui Pedro Covelo <> 
>> wrote:
>> In the preferences go to the plugins tab and enable the journal
>> plugin. You will get a namespace named calendar with a page per day.
>> You can configure the plugin and change the name of the namespace if
>> you want.
>> No dia 29/01/2014, às 08:59, Agustin Lobo <> escreveu:
>>> I'm starting to use zin, it's great but I'm often confused. I guess
>>> I need to adapt to its idiosyncrasy.
>>> In general, the doc tells about a given subject, but not about really
>>> how to do it.
>>> For example, it took me a while finding how to set dates for the tasks
>>> An issue that I cannot find is how to make a journal. There is no mention
>>> to "journal" in the menus. I was expecting that I would create a new page
>>> and then find a button to make it become a journal page.
>>> I've created a page named Journal:test within Work (is "Work a
>>> namespace or just a page with subpages? I created Work as a subpage in
>>> Home.), but I do not see anything different in the test page. My goal
>>> is to have
>>> a journal for each  project (or at least for the important ones) I
>>> have unde Work.
>>> Thanks for any help and thanks a lot for zim
>>> Agus
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>>> Agustin Lobo
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