We have no proof that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9-11 attack.  That is a 
fact, not an opinion.  He hasn't attacked the USA in some other way.  That is another 
fact.  Therefore, if we go to war with him, it is just because he is a Bad Guy.  
Imagine how the Lord would feel if one of us went out and attacked a Bad Guy in our 
community.  Imagine how quickly he would end up in prison  with a felony assault 

If Saddam launched an ICBM attack on us, by all means let's go to war.  If we can 
prove, not merely suspect that he was behind the 9-11 attack, I'm ready to enlist 
myself.  But we just can't attack him because he is a Bad Guy, or because we think he 
is going to do something bad.  It would be better for all of us to perish than for us 
to commit murder as a nation.  In a democracy each of us is responsible for what our 
government does.  And if the government does something terrible, we are accountable 
before God. 

And while we are going about the earth attacking Bad Guys, how many other Bad Guys are 
there?  Should we attack them too?  If ones answer is no, then he has to admit that 
the proposed attack on Iraq is a political war, not a war to defend ourselves.

A wise man once said that all men have two reasons for doing anything.  The first 
reason is to rationalize his action.  The other is the real reason.  I don't think we 
know the real reasons.  George W. Bush might know the real reason, but he's not 

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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