Gary Smith wrote:

> And yet Hussein supports Islamic terrorists. He offers $25K to every
> family of a suicide bomber.

Do you have any proof of that?

> He has portrayed himself in the recent past
> as the modern world's Suleiman. He envisions a giant regional Islamic

Husseinis a secular pan-Arabist -- the last thing he envisions would be w giant
regional "islamic" power.  He took on Iran because of their meddling amonst the
majority Shiites in Iraq's south, fomenting rebellion against Baghdad, and he
wanted Kuwait because it belonged to the province of Basra under the Turks (what
is now Iraq consisted of three provinces). He has never tried to "take on" Saudi
Arabia, if you mean "invade."

I'll ask my question again: who are the three great Islamic fundamentalist
regimes in the region? It's one or all of those who will be, in one way or
another, behind 9-11.

> power, with him at the helm. That is why he tried taking Iran and Kuwait,
> with eyes on Saudi Arabia a decade ago.
> K'aya K'ama,
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> Marc:
> In fact, Hussein's regime is a secular one, not an islamic fundamentalist
> one. Who are the three great Islamic fundamentalist regimes in the
> region? Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.
>  Take your pick.
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