Then why did the US agree to that in the first place, and why did the
ultimatum refer to
the 1998 UN referendum? Sounds like someone in the US state department
goofed, and
that's why George III has to redraw the line in the sand. I agree with you
about the
presidential palaces (I saw a map showing Buckingham Palace's grounds
superimposed on
the Iraqi presidential palace, and all I could say was I didn't realize
Palace was so tiny! :-)

Umm, because the President at the time was more concerned about cigars?
If a poorly written document was agreed to, without careful consideration,
in the past, shouldn't someone try to correct the mistake once it's

Dan R Allen wrote:

> Marc:
> Now that George III has been caught by surprise by the Iranian agreement
> with the UN resolution, chief IAEA inspector Hans Blix is negotiating
> with Iraqi reps, who have agreed to inspection without limitation,
> according to the 1998 UN Security Council resolution the US authored.
> Bush will have trouble changing the line in the sand but at least the UN
> will be baq in Iraq.

> Dan:
> I think the sticking point is that 12 square miles of 'un-inspectable'
> area. You can hide an awful lot of weapons development in a space that
> large.
> And if you read the article, the Iraqi reps have _not_ agreed to the
> inspection without limitation _yet_. That is what Mr. Blix wants, and we
> won't know if he gets it until after these talks are over.

They *have* agreed to the original ultimatum, the one that was based on the
Security Council resolution, which was drafted by the U.S.

Right, but even the chief inspector agrees with Bush that that agreement is
I think that the picture emerging now is that between Mr. Blix's insistence
that his inspectors will have unlimited access to everything in Iraq, and
Bush's insistence that Iraq agree to this or be invaded, the UN now has the
muscle to ensure that Saddam loses his ability to produce, or procure
WMD's. Where do you disagree?

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