> jihad has traditionally, in Sunni Islam, meant the kind of
> struggle that we all must undergo in order to purify ourselves
> in order to make ourselves fit to be in God's presence after
> death. The Taliban have given the term a bad name).

> Not so. That is, the term "jihad" has usually (not always) been
> interpreted by most of the Islamic schools as meaning an internal
> purification struggle, but throughout Islamic history, many
> Muslims of the Sunni, Shi'ite, and other fringe Islamic sects
> have used the term to refer to the struggle against infidels,
> mostly Christians and Jews. So "the Taliban" certainly have not
> given the term "jihad" any bad name that it hasn't already had
> for a dozen centuries.

> "Many" is not "most" any more than "many" crusades have not been
> "most" crusades.

I didn't say that "most" Muslims want to blast Americans, if that's what 
you're suggesting (though that might be the case). My point was simple 
and, I thought, fairly clear: The term "jihad" had a bad reputation 
since long before the Taliban even existed, so they (the Taliban) 
certainly haven't "given the term [jihad] a bad name". In the non-Muslim 
west, the term has always had the unpleasant connotation of fanatical, 
murderous zealots.


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