> Dan:
> I knew that they didn't. John had implied that Saudi Arabia had a higher
> level of guilt for the attacks than did Iraq, because 15(17) of the
> terrorist were Saudi, with Saudi Passports. Just because they were Saudi
> citizens does not mean that the Saudi government supported their actions
> any way. The Iraqi government, on the other hand, does have ties to
> terrorist groups, reportedly had intelligence connections to the specific
> group that carried out the attacks, does pay restitution to the families
> suicide bombers, and is unwilling to prove that they are not actively
> pursuing WMD.

But most of the money for terrorist activities comes from Saudi Arabia. Not
the government perhaps (although some does through Ikhwan and similar
and "charitable" organizations, and through direct funding of the PLO's
government bureaucracy) so I don't see your point. Saudi Arabia also pays
to survivors of "martyrs". Also, you can't prove a negative. The world's
producer of WMD is right where you live, Dan. Ever been to Tooele?

And that is what I was saying; the money for the suicide bombers is not
coming directly from the Saudi government. I never intended to imply that
the Saudis were not supporting the terrorists, so I'm sorry if you got that
impression. Also, the direct funding is going through the PLO which even is
recognized, even by the US, as the official "government" of the
My point was that Saddam is _also_ paying the families of the suicide
bombers, and he is doing it directly through his government.
Yes I have been to Tooele, several times in fact. What does that have to do
with attempting to prove a negative?

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