> >Dan:
> But you also see cites like this:
> "On Monday, Perisic and two others were charged with espionage, the
> state-run Tanjug news agency reported, citing a statement released by
> military prosecutors. If convicted, the three face between three and 15
> years in jail." This came from the on-line version of the Las Vegas Sun,
> under a AP byline.

An example of a verifiable citation.

It's all relative I guess since I don't read Slav, and the items referenced
would be difficult to find without dates, etc.

> Dan:
> So while saying "Janes reported" may not be as specific as you desire, it
> does not lessen it's validity, or the reliability of the reporter.

An example of a hard-to-verify citation. For some reason I find more of
this kind
in certain online news sources (like CNS)  that the right wing especially
to be attracted to. Am not sure why that should be so. Surely it can't be
right-wingers can't tell a valid journalistic service from a propaganda
I know some smart conservatives who would never fail to make that

Generic statements released by Yugoslav military prosecutors are hard to
verify also.
Why is it left-wingers claim that only news sources that they agree with
are acceptable?
Might have something to do with ideological bent, don't you think?
MSNBC and their ilk claim impartiality, yet constantly apply bias in
determining what they consider to be news. Services like CNS do not claim
impartiality, and generally make it easy to identify their bias.
A propaganda instrument will generally be much more effective by claiming
impartiality while feeding their victims only that what they want them to

I have no problem discussing issues based on the factual content, but
personal ideological attacks should be beneath us. Therefore I will no
longer respond to your comments about the 'right' or 'intelligence' of the
U.S. government plans for responding to the Iraqi threat.

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