No...I'm not pregnant (I don't think, anyway...).  We may just have the
opportunity to adopt two children in as little as six months from now. 
They have been removed from their parents' custody because the parents are
barely more than children themselves and can't even take care of
themselves.  They had been living in a dump of a home and had been
obtaining their electricity illegally.  Well, the utilities found out and
sent someone to shut off the electricity.  When that happened, they
realized that there were young children in the home (at this point, they
are 20 months old and 6 months old) and reported that to authorities.  They
were removed from the home a week ago.  The maternal grandparents are
members of our ward and are just agonized over this.  They were going to
take the children in to their home but realized that if they did, the
mother would never be motivated to make needed changes in her life (the
husband is only father of the youngest child).  While they hope against
hope that their daughter will put her life in order, they are extremely
doubtful that this will take place.  The court has given her six months to
make changes in her life sufficient to be able to care for the children. 
Again, her parents are very doubtful that she ever will be at that point
anytime soon.  Which is where we come in...the grandparents would love to
see these darling children raised in a strong LDS home and sealed to their
parents, and they - knowing we haven't been able to have more children -
asked if we might consider adopting them.  That came as quite a shock, but
after much prayer and discussion, we decided that should the court
terminate parental rights, we would love to add these children to our
family.  So, we could have them in our home in as little as six months from
now, which is an exciting thought.  We put the question to our children to
see what they thought, and they were so excited at the prospect.  They are
really hoping that they end up with a new little sister and a new little

We're just praying that things will work out the way the Lord would have
them do, whether they are meant to stay with their biological mother or be
adopted by us.

Just thought I'd let you all know...I'll keep y'all posted...
Heidi the fair

Heidi Page

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