At 06:39 PM 10/3/2002 -0500, Heidi wrote:
>While they hope against hope that their daughter will put her life in 
>order, they are extremely doubtful that this will take place.  The court 
>has given her six months to
>make changes in her life sufficient to be able to care for the children.
>Again, her parents are very doubtful that she ever will be at that point
>anytime soon.  Which is where we come in...the grandparents would love to
>see these darling children raised in a strong LDS home and sealed to their
>parents, and they - knowing we haven't been able to have more children -
>asked if we might consider adopting them.

It may be too late already.  ASFA timelines give the State 12 months from 
the time the children enter substitute care to "fish or cut bait".  Either 
the State can whip the parents into shape and return the kids, or parental 
rights are terminated and the kids are placed in a long-term (hopefully 
permanent) living situation like an adoptive home.  Once rights are 
terminated, the ex-parents have no say in where the kids go.  Federal law 
prohibits paying any attention to the ex-parents' desires about the 
race/religion/etc. of any potential adoptive parents.  About the only hope 
is to make adoptive arrangements while the parents still have custody.

Rick Mathis

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