> About the only hope 
> is to make adoptive arrangements while the parents still have custody.
> Rick Mathis

That's our plan.  The grandmother has talked to her daughter about loving
the children enough to make sure they will be taken care of and raised in
the gospel, etc, and from what the grandmother has said, the mother is
considering that.  At this point in her life, she likes playing with the
kids but doesn't really want to be a mom because she has a history of
leaving the kids with friends or family for weeks and months at a time. 
Hopefully, she will be smart enough to realize that she really doesn't want
to be a mom (of course, it would have been SO much better for everyone
involved had she figured that out before she became pregnant the first
time).  So, actually it may be sooner than six months.  We shall see.

Heidi the fair

Heidi Page

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