Incidentally, while I'm against any war of aggression like the one contemplated
by the US (as I see it), but I'd like to ask US constitutional experts (amateur
or not, I mean those interested in constitutional affairs), if they feel that the
legislation now up before the Senate would amount to a "declaration of war" under
the US Constitution. It appears to give the president a kind of blank cheque to
use violence if he sees fit. Is that the same as a declaration of war, or is the
difference just nit-picking?

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 01:23 PM 10/10/2002, you wrote:
> >John and others,
> >Question: How does Elder Nelson's talk on being peacemakers fit in with
> >things Pres Benson has stated in the past on defending freedom around the
> >world, etc. As I recall, he strongly defended the Vietnam War as a way to
> >help contain communism. Isn't our war with Iraq more justified than that
> >one?
> >
> >K'aya K'ama,
> >Gerald/gary  Smith
> As I recall it, President Benson was highly critical of the war in Vietnam.
> He didn't believe we should be fighting undeclared wars and didn't think we
> should be fighting in Vietnam while at the same time sending aid & trade to
> the Soviets.
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