>John and others,
>Question: How does Elder Nelson's talk on being peacemakers fit in with
>things Pres Benson has stated in the past on defending freedom around
>world, etc. As I recall, he strongly defended the Vietnam War as a way
>help contain communism. Isn't our war with Iraq more justified than that

Although I don't trust the government per say, I have to have confidence
that American intelligence has information in the balance that we do not
know about. We on this list are just regular Americans but government
officials have top secret information about Iraq and what is going on
over there. Perhaps Gary knows a little something--but he won't tell. ;-)

If the government is so inclined to strike, we must stand behind them and
be united. The responsibilities rest upon the heads of state. United we
stand or divided we fall. The apostles of Mormonism are NOT going to tell
the US government when not to go to war. 

Paul O

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